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With over thirty years’ experience in the development industry, we have been responsible for transacting some of Victoria’s largest development opportunities, representing private land owners, private and publicly listed companies, as well as government authorities.

Whilst the transition of land from rural farm to a developable property is exciting, it can be equally daunting for the landowner and their family. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand individual circumstances and tailoring a result that leaves everyone smiling! As industry leaders in prospecting, planning, negotiation and acquisition, we offer guidance to landowners through our personalised advice and expertise.


If you are interested in speaking with one of our team members regarding your property please contact us today!

With an end-to-end process, that starts with our team and finishes with your best interests and results.

Without the pushiness, ambiguous, complicated terms and that typical agent mentality.

Our Process


Site identification, and meet with the landowner to understand their requirements


Strategy and assessment period with engineering, planning, tax and legal practitioners. Develop go-to market strategy and exit strategy.


Authority sign and launch tender to market


Management of enquiries and negotiation with prospects


Contract execution and management of settlement


There are a few factors that determine the value of your land. But we can’t really relay that in the space of an FAQ answer. Get in touch and we’ll help provide you with a full understanding of your situation and, more importantly, your opportunities.

No, we’re not developers. But we are development consultants. Our job is to help you understand your situation, translate all the information, and decipher all the options for your land.

It’s never too early to get going. But starting now doesn’t necessarily mean selling now. There are a lot of things to consider along the way. We’ve found that land owners who have had more time to process and explore are better set to understand their options and make the right decision for themselves.

Do your homework. Make sure you are working with someone who is qualified to transact your land. Consider their portfolio and ensure they have worked similar projects in your area and have strong relationships in the industry. Start by contacting us. We know the neighbourhood of Victoria like the end of a dessert spoon and can help decipher all the BS.

There’s always another option. Part of our job is working with leading planning consultants – because our main job is you. Together, we’ll look at your situation and provide you with some guidance and the best possible outcome.

No two pieces of land are the same. The best option for you depends on what you want. We help understand your individual situation then work with you to hit the best outcomes. There are a few paths you can take. And they all start with contacting us here.

The UGZ stands for the ‘Urban Growth Zone’. It applies to land that has been ‘identified’ for future urban development within the Melbourne’s designated growth areas.

PSP stands for ‘Precinct Structure Plan’. It’s a long-term strategic plan to describe how a precinct or a series of projects will be developed. It works to guide the transition of rural land into urban land.