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Conversations around land acquisition tend to be a bit salesy. We’re not fans of those conversations. We are fans of conversations that actually help our clients understand their position. And about footy tipping.

We work to ensure our clients know what kind of position they’re in and what options are available. Every avenue explored, no stone unturned, no ball unbounced.

Part of this strategy is in our commitment to building professional relationships across the industry, which provides us with exclusive opportunities and intimate knowledge of Victorian development sites and channels.

We then make recommendations based on their requirements, not ours. So when our client is ready to make a decision, they can make an informed one.

With independent advice and access to the right experts, advice and insights that looks at each project’s planning and feasibility. And a team that listens and treats you like an individual.

Without BS, confusing conversations and sign-here stickers. Alright, we use sign-here stickers. They’re handy.

Our Process


We meet you in person; on your land, on your terms.


We learn about you, your land, your requirements and your personal goals.


We create a strategy to match these goals and requirements, and work to get you the best result.


We then help you roll out your strategy, by your side the whole time to answer any questions, and clarify any confusion.